Rostrum Camera: smooth moves?


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Hi, I'm not sure whether I'm looking for a script or a tip.

I often need to create Rostrum Camera - type moves on still images (for example moving from the full image to a close-up of a certain portion, think Ken Burns' documentaries).

Doing this in a linear fashion is a no brainer, just set keyframes. I've been trying to manually create ease-out, ease-in moves, but if the influences aren't lined up correctly you can get extra undesired motion in the move.

How tough would it be to write a script to change an existing linear move(s) to a nice S-curve move? Alternately, am I already doing this the hard way? :)

Thanks! -MG


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I (and others) have asked for pre-set influence abilities. There is a right click 'add influence' option but I have not had much success with this. The Tool Shed may hold the key if Aussie or someone would begin working on it.
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