Robot sketches


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concept sketch of little media bot.



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Hah, this is pretty cool. I love how you made some lines thicker. Also the light brown shadow underneath the robot is pretty well done I think. Nice!


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I like these kind of robots. Someone posted a 4 legged robot to HitRECord sometime ago and I did my 3D rendition of it. I haven't rigged it yet. If you want to collaborate join the platform, there aren't many 3d users so far.


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While I'm sure a 3D version would be nice, I'm most impressed by the amazing job the OP did at convincing metallic, even semi-anisotropic, shading with markers on paper, without it looking muddy or stripey. That's really impressive, as are the rest of your portfolio works on Behance! Masterful use of shading and perspective!

It's really refreshing to see that kind of tight, hand-drawn manual detailing and shading work. It's easy to forget graphic artists used to have to do all this stuff manually, we get almost "jaded" over how easy certain effects are in modern 2D/3D CG DCC.
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