RnD only using Lightwave RRT


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This renders super fast without gi or radiosity can be efficient for previz or actual cg shots using only reflection blur at 10% and lower. RRT = Reflection Ray Tracing

Screenshot 2019-04-08 00.39.02.png

Screenshot 2019-04-08 01.44.41.png


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    Screenshot 2019-04-08 00.39.15.png
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Very nice, sir. and for "pre-vis" yet...

People seem to get jaded to progress really fast. Some people get kind of "spoiled" from looking at Octane renders.

Again, very nice. Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks as you can see the quality is quiet good even without GI or radiosity you just need to be clever with how you light your scene lights work as they would even volumetric lights and flares
uses image based lighting overall to create exposure across the scene as this will give lw needed info to create natural light.

light test - > https://youtu.be/hsbD-f4Cylo

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Playing with HV's Sparks Shading

More Rough Unrefined Type


More Realistic Fine Detail Type

sparks 2.jpg

These are without Radiosity or GI ...


Very interesting concept indeed. I feel that for high reflective materials works great...how would it apply for high diffuse shaders? Have you done any test for an architectural interior? It will be nice if this can also be applied under this type of conditions....how does it apply when surfaces have subsurface scattering?
Thanks :)
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