Rigging woes.....


Ok so Im having a real pain here, and cant figure out whats up....all my bones are working perfectly up to the eyebrows..they are doing weird things...Ive done it a couple ways...

First I did a string of bones aligned along a spline....First you can see how when the bones are turned on, the face deforms, even though I've set rest position and length (using shift-p and r) as well as using the Rigging Toolbox from Rebel Hill..

Screenshot 2019-08-16 01.33.14.pngScreenshot 2019-08-16 01.33.28.png

And then they dont even work correctly when I move my controllers...its like the bones on the left are trying to effect the right side of the head (the right bones have little or no effect at all). The brow weight is all across the head, so its not a matter of the wrong maps.

Screenshot 2019-08-16 01.33.54.png

I wanted to test if it was the bones or what could be interfering, so I cleared the splines and brow bones and put a chain of bones across the controllers..that got even worse...when the bones are on, the face gets horrible as if they were moved or something...Im getting frustrated trying to figure out what I musta done....lol

Screenshot 2019-08-16 01.30.48.pngScreenshot 2019-08-16 01.30.55.png

Perhaps someone has an idea that will trigger that duh moment I know is hidden from me..lol



I think I figured it out...the Eyebrow root bone wasnt rested, so even though its not even active,
the other bones thought they were somewhere else than they were...so a shift-p, r fixed it...i knew it was something simple stupid...lol.


Just stumbled on it by accident...lol
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