Revised NDI software Matrix Router/Switcher, with configurations up to 20-in, 24-out

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During the summer of 2018 my PC-based NDI software Matrix Router/Switcher has had something of a makeover. The new version (from v1.2) can be configured on start-up to have anywhere from 6 to 20 inputs and from 2 to 24 outputs. Routing Preset buttons store groups of switch positions, allowing multiple outputs to be switched with one button click. Config files can be saved and loaded, including "save last used on exit" and "load last used on start-up" options. Config files include the data for Routing Presets and for the NDI sources used by each input. Multiple copies of the Router can be run, as long as each is allocated a different "base name" for the outputs, which can be done at start-up and is saved in the config file.


There's a YouTube video showing the new features here:-
Download available here
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