Rev 3-1 160408 - no network input sources

3Play 440 Multistandard
Rev 3-1 160408

In version 3-1 160408 my network inputs cannot see any source, neither NDI or iVGA (if still supported?).
(When downgraded to Rev 3-1 160316 iVGA is working fine.)

For double check I installed the NDI video monitor on the 3Play machine. It can see LiveText NDI and NDI scan converter signals without any problems. So most likely there are no network/firewall issues in general with the NDI transmission...

Anyone else can confirm this behaviour with Rev 3-1 160408?

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NewTek SE
I'm using this version at NAB and getting NDI output into TriCaster and NDI Telestrator. Did you make a new session?
Yes, new session was made.

I did not test NDI out from 3Play.
Just tried unsuccesfully to receive a NDI signal via 3Play network inputs...
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