Retain timecode metadata during media export


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Hi, in the last 2 weeks, I've been liaising with NewTek CS team on this issue on behalf of a client, but in the process we found out that the current behaviour from TriCaster (TC2-Elite to be specific) is by design. I was then advised to submit this as a feature request.

Essentially, the user has been using an external LTC timecode generator for a universal reference between several camera recordings as well as the main TC2 session recording, but he has found that the process of exporting the recorded file on the TC2 into QT ProRes 422 format does not retain the timecode metadata.

He uses DaVinci Resolve as his main NLE, so using the native NDI recording isn't an option as of now. The inclusion of the timecode metadata in some form that is able to be read across the common NLEs would prove useful, so I'm leaving this suggestion here for NewTek to consider.
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