restaurant plug-ins for Mirage 1.0 (Windows)


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HEADLINE: Mirage 1.0 (Windows) now supported!

restaurant is pleased to announce the release of new versions of ALL Aura plug-ins, now with full support for Mirage 1.0 (Windows). In particular, Ease 2.5 has undergone a complete rework to support the new FX Stack, and it's new effects. Ease allows the creation of smooth, frame-accurate, point-to-point, ease'd parameter changes for most Aura/Mirage plug-ins/FX - such as KeyFramer. The very popular ToolBox and all other plug-ins have also been improved to integrate with Mirage.

restaurant offers 20 low-cost plug-ins - used by industry professionals, artists, 3D designers, and more... all over the world. Follow the link below to find out all that restaurant has to offer Aura, Video Toaster and now Mirage users too!

where do you go to get food for Aura, Mirage and Video Toaster?
the restaurant of course. no reservation necessary.
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