Resolution issues with a Cannon XF300 and Newtek Spark HDMI


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We're using a Cannon XF300 and a Spark HDMI to encode NDI for use in vmix. The camera is set to 1080p 30p.

The issue is the resolution. When I open the Spark's control web page, the preview looks like a proper 1080p image (not sure if it's because it is or because the frame on the web page is set to be 16:9). When I open the NDI page on vmix's inputs page, the preview is 16:9, looks to be good quality from what I can tell. When I open the input in vmix, it comes up as 720x480 59.94 fps. Same thing when I open up Newtek's Studio Monitor. I've also opened it in Studio Monitor from a different computer, same issue.

For troubleshooting, I plugged my Macbook Pro's HDMI out into the Spark. Opened the signal in both vmix and Studio Monitor, 1080p no issues looks good. I plugged the XF300 into a 1080p television, auto negotiated to 1080p no issues, looks good.

I contacted Newtek's support, they said the spark will just encode whatever signal it's getting up to 1080p 60fps (meaning it's the camera's fault). I contacted Cannon and they said the camera will auto-negotiate based on the monitor's capabilities (meaning it's the Spark's fault). We have used our XF300s with HDMI capture cards before with no issues.

I'm an audio guy primarily and video is something that I'm "learning as I go" however I do have a day job in IT so networking is something that I embrace. Everything is on the same wired network connected to a netgear unmanaged gigabit switch, but network issues don't seem to be the issue here.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Did you ever receive any replies and a solution to this problem. I have the same problem with a Canon XA10 and have never found a solution. Not a lot of aftermarket support for the Sparks.
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