Rendition not rendering textures


Curmudgeon in Training
I’m hoping this is just some simple missed setting in Photoshop CS4, but I haven’t found anything obvious.

I’m following through the first Rendition for Adobe Photoshop Beta Tutorials, the BeetleBoard. First of all, in order to get Photoshop to load the textures along with the 3D geometry, I had to copy the texture files from the /Images folder into the /Objects folder as apparently either Rendition or Photoshop is blind to the Lightwave Content structure. Once I did that, the texture layers were available and editable as described.

I select Lightwave Rendition for Adobe Photoshop under the Filters/3D menu drop down, OK the warning message, move the sliders for Render and Anti-Alias quality settings and leave the Material Preset to Use Photoshop materials and Photoshop Environment for the Light. I click OK and it proceeds to render. However when it completes, none of the Base_Color texture layer gets rendered. The image is only of the default mesh colors.

Obviously, this is not a good thing but again, am I missing something or does the problem exist with CS4 or Rendition? Anyone else using CS4? I upgraded from CS2 so can’t test it in CS3.


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