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John Ball

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Are rendering problems the norm? I am trying to finish off a 75 minute doco and render to avi and mpeg2. I have crash after crash.
Over the years I have tried this to some success:
1. Chop up the project into smaller portions ie chapters and render separately
2. Render all the audio first and then render this wav file with the video

On my present project the above have not helped. I think I have isolated the problem to a couple of music files ie the crashes occur often but not always in the same spot. Would this be possible?

Has anyone else had similar nightmares with rendering? Any tips?


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It depends. Sometimes the problem can be memory limitations (this can usually be attributed to the codec used), sometimes it can be a problem clip, sometimes it can be incorrect settings when customising the codec.

Without knowing what your render settings are and how many codecs you have installed, it's virtually impossible to offer a useful answer.


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I remember having to convert a few .mp3 to .wav at one point, otherwise speededit would stutter or go out of sinc. It might be related.

John Ball

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Another day of render attempts. The project is 75 minutes broken into 5 chapters of approximately 15 minutes. There is a mixture of HDV and AVCHD video plus jpeg stills. My music is wav file downloads from
Render settings: 1. Format - Video For Windows (avi)
Preset - PAL DV Type 2 16 x9

2. Mpeg2
PAL 60 min 16x9 DVD 8mbps CBR

Today, rendering to the avi settings I deleted what I thought was the "guilty" wave file and rendering was successful. So seemed to confirm the audio was the problem.
I added a new wav file and rendered successful again. I added a different wav file and again successful twice in a I am on a role!

John Ball

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I tried the same configuration again with the same wav file and SE crashed twice in a row. The third time successful.
I am onto the mpeg2 rendering now and still getting crashes but in a a different place. I will get it sorted.


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I think that's a Lightwave 3D mix-up, where we are best advised to render out image sequences, not really applicable to an editing program.


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I think that's a Lightwave 3D mix-up, where we are best advised to render out image sequences, not really applicable to an editing program.

.....Yup! Sorry for the confusion, missed the Speededit part in the address.

Mutley Eugenius

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I have discovered a few things about rendering in SE2 which should be known by all users. I imagine that most people probably render their projects with the project open. You select the stuff you want to render, and right click to the ‘render selected’ option and set the render panel & away it goes, and that’s totally fine. But here are some details about that… If your project is in any way heavy on processor & memory demands, close the project as soon as you start rendering it (by opening up a new empty project), You will right away notice that your rendering speed will suddenly speed up tremendously.

Also, if you are experiencing partial rendering & then crashing, try rendering with the project closed. I rendered a file unsuccessfully 6 times, because it crashed part way in each time. Then I rendered with the project closed. No problem, and faster too.

This is also useful if you are trying to render to a file format that crashes as soon as you select it. Try closing the project as soon as you open the render panel, then selecting the file format, and it probably won’t crash anymore.

You can also select what to render, click render, and when the render window opens, you go back to the timeline, select all, delete. Then click render. When rendering is done, click undo and it all comes back. This will give you faster renders (like more than twice as fast) and stop most crashes.

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John Ball

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Thanks Mutley, I will give your suggestions a go this morning. I had a so so day yesterday trying to render my project. I first tried rendering just my credits - 2 minutes of all AVCHD files with original audio and one piece of wav file music and CG titles. I first tried rendering all on the Timeline to AVI PAL Type 2. Crashed time after time. I then deleted the audio and could renderthe video okay to the AVI format.. This suggested a bad audio file. I then rendered the audio alone (wav) which was successful. Next the unrendered video as per timeline and the rendered audio - crashed. Next i put the rendered video and rendered audio and the Timeline and met with success. I was convinced that the audio has been my major problem. So I moved to another chapter of 12 minutes. Crashed when I tried rendering the original clips as on the Timeline.
I then deleted the audio...still crashed. There goes my audio theory as being the major problem. Maybe it is the processing demands.
I will test your suggestion and give a report. It is nice to hear from someone else who has had similar rendering problems. Thanks heaps for trying to help.

John Ball

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Mutely you genius I have been rendering all morning as per your instructions without a hitch. Not a single crash even on the two worst chapters. Reducing the processing demands by getting rid of stuff on the Timeline seemed to do the trick. I am really on a roll now!

For all those who have responded to my pleas for help over the past week many thanks. Keep watching the Forum as I will probably be back with more questions in the future. At the moment I am preparing for release of my documentary. Thanks again.


Lynn Cress
Late to the party, I know. But if I have to output to another format such as mp4 for example, I will render to AVI with the standard Newtek SpeedHQ codec, then transcode the AVI to mp4 with a third party converter such as MPEG Streamclip. I've just never been impressed with the quality of anything else out of SE with anything other than AVI.

But, I had forgotten about Mutley's method of closing the project during render. If the quality of the mpeg2 is to your liking that is certainly better than my two step process.


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I find bad codecs are the cause of most SE crashes. Rebooting and re-rendering has helped for me. Mutley's suggestions are very interesting and can't wait to try them. I've edited all day without restarting speededit when codecs are fine. When they are not I want to scream as it is crash after crash.

I remember years ago I would download youtube videos and integrate them into my work and that messed things up because, circa 2008, codecs were so bad people would upload videos that did not even have key frames every frame. SE can't deal with that, nor can any other editor in it's right mind.
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