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Hieron, But simplicity is the nice thing about your technique.

Bjornkn, the magazine commonly shares these setups for free in the Resources web page. The principle is so simple that you'd figure it out all without even reading the article. Publication will be soon, so we might discuss it after that here. The GI method will need indeed further explanation and it's part of an incoming second article about Filter Node Editors.



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Thanks Gerardo. If it wasn't for your explanations and tutorials on DPKit/Filter nodes etc I would have had much less use for them. I enjoyed them a lot, although I didn't understand all of it.

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Does it work correctly with interpolated, non cached, GI?
No. You *will* get visible seams when the lighting solution is calculated differently per machine. To solve this, you have to use uninterpolated GI, or set it to cache/animated and preprocess it on one machine. That should do the trick.
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