Render time for sale for cheap


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I'm expecting to get some major hardware tossed in my lap within the month:
about 15 3ghz dual core P4's w/ 1GB ram each. I'm probably going to lease the time out, so if anyone is looking for some dedicated render farm time 24/7 for 10-12 machines, i'm thinking of leasing out at 200 USD per day slot (24 hr), or 25 USD per hour slot, just to make up for the idle time i don't need. I'll likely setup a schedule online for users to set aside time for themselves so i don't have scheduling conflicts. i should have the machines for quite so time (few months). one way i can manage this is to just give users an ftp into a windows xp professional machine that they can remote desktop into. i'll be using Mule or BNR to allow them to manage their jobs on the multiple machines. Let me know if anyone is interested, and we can work out details.
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