remote viewing of program mix TC1


I use Discord to share multi view with remote show callers / clients around the US. Latency of a quarter second or better. Would work just as well for PGM and supports audio. How remote are you interested in? Across the building, or world?


NewTek SE
How remote? Somewhere else on the local network or over the Internet?

It is on the same LAN, use NDI Studio Monitor.

I'm guessing you mean over the Internet. For that you can use Skype TX (built in on TC1) or a SRT stream. Skype does a good job of traversing through firewalls making probably the easiest to use. SRT would likely need some port forwarding.

If you only need video, the is LivePanel or my free Monitor app that runs in a web browser, for either of these you would need to setup a port forward to the TriCaster web server (port 80), but the latency would be very low.
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