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We are a sports production company looking to display results using CG.

We have used many other caption generators and most allow inputs from external systems (e.g. by pushing the data through a serial port) to update the text items on a page.

Is there any way I can set the value of CG text items from an external application? - I am an experienced programmer.



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The livetext addon still needs an operator - we need to push data from our application as updates happen every few seconds.

Young Monkey say their data overlayer can be modified to accept external inputs, but after 3-4 emails unanswered, I'm not sure how to make this happen.

I've not heard of the Datalink, how soon is it released (I need this in about 3 weeks).



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I can:
1) Wait for Newtek to release the link product.
2) Try to persuade Young Monkey respond to me.
3) Find some way to hack VT

Does anyone have any other ideas?



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Sounds like you have all the options to make it happen.

I would suggest 3, personally, since you said you are an experienced programmer: that's the only option that will be your own to "re-roll" at your leisure.


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In the ToasterScript forum there are some discussions of overlay clocks that you might find useful if you choose to attempt to roll your own.

You might be able to convince NewTek to let you into the beta, I've seen it happen. Talk to your dealer he may be able to put in a word.
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