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I would like to be able to relink media in speed edit, in our tricaster, we move drives around and sometimes they just get another drive letter. Sometimes we move files to back up on another drive and speed edit always say files off line, and i can re drag the in the time line. This should be a basic function for any editor in 2012

Scott Bates

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Not sure if SpeedEDIT in Tricaster is the same as the stand-alone version, but in the latter there is a Preferences setting to find and load relocated files. Set the new path to the files in Prefs and then open the SE project and then resave the project to reflect the changes.

Mutley Eugenius

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In spreadsheet, (which takes a long time to open but its worth it) you can select all the clips, click the drive letter on one of them, select a new drive letter, (or select a new directory with the same subdirectory structure as the original) and it will re-link all the files automatically.
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