reinstall problems


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Installed 3d arsenal creation theater had some problems. Contacted toasterdudes and Don contacted me. He took time out and spoke with me personally.(Greatly appreciated) Problem was not with 3d but my LW7.5c tried to unistall vt4.6 software and lw7.5c. Big mistake. Lw no longer shows up and now when I start vt 4.6 I get this whacky error message "VT[4]4.exe-Entry Point not found X The procedure entry point? SkinControl_Color [email protected][email protected]@EAE_NXZ could not be located in the dynamic link Library AudioMixer3.Toast" I have exceeded my deadline line on a huge new account for a 30sec commercial. I am so stressed, sadden, and confused. I just want my LW back and my VT working properly.PPPPLLLEASE HELP ME SOMBODY I BEG OF YOU. I JUST WANT TO EDIT.


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Same Issue

I reinstalled the VT4. Now I too am getting this message. It doesn't seem to bother the programming but is quite annoying. Perhaps I haven't run across the situation in the program where this affects it. I hope I don't. Still, I would like to have this issue fixed. Thanks.
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