Reigniting VT Users with an Old Flame Named "Aura"


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Re-Igniting VT Users with an Old Flame Named "Aura"

Truncated for insertion here as a Feature Request:

...I imagine the biggest advantage of Bob's plugin vs. Aura is how simple it operates. Most VT users are afraid to open Aura in any shape or form. Matter of fact, I can count on 1 hand the number of Aura users I know. That is just the way it is.

Now that could change if NewTek opened up that code vault, rebranded it video paint _______, allowed installation on other machines besides VTs, and piped the output down the network like LiveText to feed into the TriCaster.

fun fun fun.

Woah, Now you're cookin', Jef.


What an exciting prospect that would be for VT[x] users, should NewTek push those very things near the front burner...

(Nod,-nod, wink-wink, 'Know what ah' mean?)

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