Reflection in VSE but not in Session (410plus)


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am am just creating a few Virtual Live Sets with Photoshop.
I did that before on a TC8000 on TC1 and TC460.
I know there are limitations on every system.

But i did not think "reflections" would be such a limitation, especially not on the 410plus - so I guess I do something wrong here.

I use the .exr file for all inputs and reflections (16 and 32 bit PSDs both work "fine") within VSE2.5 it all looks goot (warping is correct, Reflections are correct)
but when i export (to this machine or as an installer) the Warping gets distorted a bit and no reflections are shown at all..
I also tried to merge the reflection-layers with the input-layers (to avoid "too many inputs") - same result: all fine within VSE, no reflections within Sessions (hello? SAME LAYER?)

is the opacity too low? (10% in PSD)


Don't change the opacity of the 'Reflection Layer'. Put down your 'Reflection Layer' and then put a copy of the layer that's under the 'reflection layer' on top of that and change the opacity of that layer.

Example: Desk top layer, a copy of 'Input A' flipped on top of the desktop layer, a copy of the desktop layer at say 75% - 50% opacity. Kind of like a sandwich.


Cert. Tricaster Operator
ok.. not what i expected :) (when i build my last Virtual Set for the 8000 Tricaster, the inputlayer opacity worked as expected, long time ago :)

Thank you!
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