Redundant Dante Network


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I have the request to get a tricaster in a redundant Dante network, making use of the primary/secondary feature.

As far as I know Dante Virtual Soundcard does not support redundancy. I consider using this kind of external audio soundcard, does anyone have experience with it, or equivalent ?

Thanks !
we tested this card with Dataton servers. It's working, but with one USB connection you get more trouble than a missing secondary on Dante.
Best way for us was this: in our servers
Maybe there is a way for integration in a tricaster environment in the future.


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I’ve used plenty of RME interfaces and converters. If you haven’t priced them be prepared for sticker shock even if you’re used to pro gear pricing. Worth every penny. I’ve been using MADI Faces and Hammerfall cards for 10 years or so. As long as your Tricaster hardware/software combination support audio from ASIO interfaces it should work (not sure if the RME supports WDM). I just learned that some Tricaster combos can take ASIO. At that point though you move the single point of failure to the Danteface but it gets you a redundant network. That would be an easier, faster swap than trying to repatch your DVS into the backup net and changing the IP.
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