Recording in VS4000 ?


can someone confirm if it's still possible to record callers in a VS4000 ?

I don't have a unit here to test, and can't find a word about that feature in the manual....

Now I know ( the hard way) Newtek is not afraid changing features without any mention, I'd like to be sure about that.

Thanks in advance
Thanks Kane. However I'm a bit confused , as after asking here, I found this on the website :

Record and Re-Use
TalkShow VS 100 enables full-bandwidth recording of any call onto external USB 3.0 or SAN storage with the click of a button—so you can capture the call while it’s happening, and use it in a later broadcast or a whole new program. And both models are compatible with the NewTek IsoCorder Pro and NDI IsoCorder for remote recording over the network via NDI. Calls are saved as distinct QuickTime files that work with every major non-linear editor and all other NewTek systems for archive, post-production, and playback.
Available only in TalkShow VS 100.


NewTek SE
The website is out of date. Recording was only on the VS100 at first, but with the current software it is available on the VS4000 as well.

Here is a screenshot of my VS4000. You can see the recording tab options and the record start/stop buttons below the caller windows.
VS4000 UI.png

There isn't any storage on the VS4000, you will need to connect USB3 or network storage as a destination as is mentioned from the website.
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