raycast node and piano keyboard

Well, you see me coming... I'm trying to automate the keyboard of a piano rotating down as fingers push on them. I was thinking of using a raycast node to do that (I could also setup a morph by distance I'm sure)
Any suggestion?

happy new year btw!
ok, morph and part don't work as more than one key or part of a key would move at the same time. I need one single key to rotate without influencing the neighbors.
So I'm trying with bullet, hinge constraint+spring to push the key back in place. It works BUT the key don't move only on one axis, they're slightly tilted on the sides too..

Hinge Spring_Constraint.jpg



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I suspect you'll be better off rigging with joints/bones and either using dynamics with that, or even just manually animating the keys movement based on the fingers' movements.

Getting these kinds of repetitive, finessed, yet constrained behaviors out of Bullet can be quite difficult in LW -- or perhaps better put, getting them to stay both deterministic and constrained in their movements is difficult in LW.
Thank you for the example. It should be a perfect solution... Nevertheless, when I setup even a simple raycast scene (the cube above a displaced terrain for instance) It works right away in LW 2015 but not in 2018 (using the latest 0.7)
The scene is the same, I setup everything exactly the same, but It doesn't work in 2018.
Odd enough, if I open the 2015 scene in lw 2018 (ask for a folder to convert the scene), It works but setting up exactly the same scene with the same objects in 2018 doesn't.
I post both scene here if someone wants to compare, everything is the same, just crazy... or maybe I'm missing something?

View attachment raycast 2018vs2015.zip
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oh, ****... again!
BTW, I 've seen your links to video tutorials and the node videos by Probeiner are really EXCELLENTS! Thank you for sharing...

oh, ****... again!
yep, LW2018 was a part rewrite, so i think it ended up being a bit more shaky than most previous releases.

BTW, I've seen your links to video tutorials and the node videos by Probeiner are really EXCELLENT! Thank you for sharing...
Organized LightWave info pushes LightWave forward :) i'm happy to share the "Database" :)

p.s. sometimes i search threads in archive mode, makes things easier

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