QuickTroll and Maya

a look at why QT was chosen for the "new" Maya Ui
old video, but still of value >

QT could be used to run Python scripts and C++ (mainly)
not sure about pure C code atm, which LW is written in, i assume plugins are written in C, not C++

anyway, thought some of you might find it interesting
i'm looking a bit into QT possibilities at the moment


Space Monkey
Someone mentioned there is a "themes" dir in the settings dir in LW2015.3. Maybe LW 2016 has a new interface sys?

quite possible, no problem changing the LW interface though, as far as i know, as NT has switched to Qt

but changing it completely would take time of course, tons of time, as there are a thousands of settings


I've lost tons of time just getting used to LWPanels and XPanels, these are the best proof that Newtek needs to externalize the interface part of the application.

LWPanels contain Opengl controls, listboxes, custom draw areas. XPanels automate a lot of the manual maintenance stuff, but they don't have these controls, so I had to create my own. just to have a small grid control embedded in an XPanel. Just a basic implementation (no scrollbars, buggy, ...) took me over an hour, while this should be a 5 minute job.

Cross platform is an other huge advantage of QT. But the biggest advantage is that there is a huge user base, it's easy to get info and you expand your development team considerably.

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