PTZ1 Ethernet Reset


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As you may know from experience, if the PTZ1 gets connected to a network and does not find DHCP right away, it will default to

Then, to get access to camera settings on-screen in PC or TriCaster to set back to DHCP again, you may have to manually set the computer network port to to communicate with camera.

Having recently demonstrated my PTZ1 at a hospital, I had to manually set a static IP address provided by the IT staff there. Having no idea now what that address was, I was basically locked out of the camera with no NDI/network access to it!!

In reading the manual, I found a really quick and easy way to resolve this - with HDMI or SDI out of PTZ1 connected to a monitor (or into TriCaster) so you can see the camera output - press MENU on the IR remote control, then ETHERNET. There I was able to toggle DHCP from OFF to ON. Then the camera was discovered by the network and showed up right away in NDI Studio Monitor. In that same OSD menu, one could also manually configure the IP address if needed.

I don't claim to be a network expert, definitely am not! So maybe I am missing something and have it all wrong, but if indeed the camera IS that difficult to recover from a static IP, then this is a quick fix and I hope it helps. If I am wrong about the IP address behavior, please enlighten me, always happy to learn!


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