PTZ Cam Autofocus Issues


Has anyone experience any focusing issues with the PTZ2?
If you're asking if the camera is a varifocal lens, yes. It doesn't have a back-focus so it uses software to try and keep the shot in focus as you zoom out while in manual focus. It isn't perfect but it works pretty well. If you refresh the focus webpage while zooming in or out, you'll notice the focus number changing.

A camera in auto focus will never be perfect. That is the nature of auto focus on every camera I've ever seen. If you don't want it hunting, you have to use manual focus and preset your shots or be careful where you pan and zoom.

Phil at AVD

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I'm on ptz1 firmware

VHR121F much later than 116j I am still having wild focus issues. Focus Tracking mentioned above Jun 14, 2018 does not exist on my PTZ1 in this firmware version (Yes I was using the remote and viewing the SDI output).​

I think some work is still needed to get auto focus to work properly.
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