Projecting through a cube onto a sphere...


May the sauce be with you
I found some cool high res scans of old constellation maps, and thought it would be cool to turn them into a globe texture.
See here:

I was initially confused by the map projection, but a bit of testing showed that if I applied a map to a transparent cube, and placed a point light in the centre, it projected nicely onto the inside of a sphere. A good start. (partial example attached to make it clear).

Now I could bake the result onto a UV on the sphere, but I was wondering if there was a more direct way of doing this - it's not a cubic mapping despite the name, so is there an easier way than baking to use a set of 6 images in this way to texture a sphere? All ideas welcome.

Incidentally, there's a LOT of other cool stuff on that site for download at high resolution, my favourites being space posters from the 1960's!



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