Project loading problem HUGE


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I have had a problem for the past few days with loading projects. I try to load up a project and it just hangs or if I take generate preview off and try to load the project it crashes (I think the RTVLIB crashes)
I have to try to load it from the undo folder and sometimes that has worked. I am guessing something got hosed in the project bin so I cleared it out and copied back only the stuff that I really needed. I did this hoping to narrow down which project file/folder is crashing things out.
I have a projoect tonight that I must work on and I can not get any of the saved projects to load up. The hourglass stays up on the icon and the same in the undo folder...How can I salvage this important project???
Please Help
I am running 3690 on Xp (dual 2.4 Zeons gig of ram)\
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