Professional Freelance studio -any work- also offering LW render farm service


A lot of nothing to say.

Machine studios is a professional freelance studio looking for work.

We provide high quality work for any project big or small. Even if you only need a single low poly model, we can help. However if you want a photoreal film, we can do that too!

We have experience in product design, visualisation, games modeling texturing and animation, independant film, simulation and many other areas of 3d. We are skilled in every aspect of 3d and between our team have mastered a multitude of software applications. Inlcuding lightwave, photoshop maya, and max

We now also offer a renderfarm service, We have custom built render nodes, and can cut your render workload dramatically.

Our rates are very low and we keep a high level of communication all thru the production process.

Visit the site for more details,


Simon Roth

-Founder of machine studios

[email protected]

For a portfolio of our work please look at our website or email for a better sample.

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