Procedural along UV

Paul Brunson

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Question for the nodal wizards out there.

I have a curved / twisted object that I have UV'ed. I'd like to get a procedural texture to run through the uv's so that it follows the curves and twists in the object.

I figured it would be simple, but the solution eludes me. Any help would be appreciated.


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One or two of the nodal procedurals can follow UVs.
The method in the thread that Probiner pointed out will work
with nodal or with the layer system.


Respect The Architect
You can add a blank image in the image editor and generate a procedural (Processing -> Add Filter -> Textured Filter) on it and use that with the UV map. There is even a free plugin from Blochi to add an empty image to the image editor.

Cheers, Florian
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