proc amp causing vt5 crash


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has anyone else had this happen?
twice now, vt5.2 (once with 5.2c version, and once with d) has done a very strange thing where it sticks the proc amps to all 0 values. this seems to happen be the proc amp itself as the visual effect of this (ie, making the video completely black) isnt visible until i assign an input. in other words, YC5 will look fine until i set it as the proc amp input, then it turns black.
once this has happened the values cannot be changed, and presets dont work, but vt behaves normally otherwise... however if i restart, vt will crash as soon as a proc amp is opened.
i still have no idea why this happens, all i was doing was changing the inputs in the proc amp.

this might be somehow related to the proc amps not saving the settings bug, which i REALLY hope will be fixed in the next update, so this might be a pointless report.

using the "apply default user settings.bat" file doesnt fix it, the only way to fix it is to delete the file:
\vt5\skins\procamp\advancedsettings\ProcAmp_AdvancedSettings for <username>.vtd
strangely enough, this file doesnt seem to come back, and i dont know what caused it to be created as ive never touched the advanced settings.

sorry i didnt have more time to play around with options before trying to restart, i was on a tight clock and the only thing on my mind was trying to get vt working again before i had to film! but, i did keep the offending file, and putting it back in that directory seems to bring the crash back, so i can send that if it will help.

really, i guess this is two bugs, since even if the values for the proc amp get messed up somehow (the first bug), it really should not cause vt to crash (the second bug)...

on another note, im kinda wondering about another bug that i tried to submit via the phone last week, but the guy had me email it instead because he didnt know the site for submitting bugs. never got a response to it, should i post it here, or is there a better place for these things?
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The forums are not the best place to post bugs. The engineers & programmers don't hang out here that often.

Here's the place to submit VT bugs:

Since they're almost ready to release VT5.3 patch you might want to give John Perkins (jperkins AT newtek DOT com) and Dr Cross (across AT newtek DOT com) a heads up too :)


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file corruption

there is a user settings file that gets trashed - nt will say re-install - i think its in the user documents vt settings files --preset ?? - that has refernce to the proc amp - i can't remember the name - but the fastest fix was to copy another users file --default user -- and replace the corrupted file with the original file settings in that default users procamp preset . if i remember to look up the name of the file i'll post it - you can log on as default user and run proc amps - not really sure what caused it, but it happened setting procamp presets and have had no problem since swapping the files ...
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