Problems retargeting .fbx mocap files with Nevron


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Hello. I am a first time poster to the forum, having often read postings here and been dazzled by everyone's technical brilliance.
I am looking for some help.
I urgently need to use .fbx motion files in a production and keep hitting hurdles with Nevronmotion.
I have only had any success retargeting 2 .fbx files that are mentioned in tutorials:

Slip_down.fbx & StandWave.fbx

Every other mocap .fbx file either from the internet or generated by me using iPisoft won't let me retarget to my Genoma rigged model.

I have been working through instructions and videos and have been using the demo 'Bounce' model to follow them so I can be sure I am duplicating the stages, but with no luck yet.

2 problems I am having...
Whenever I import an .fbx skeleton motion and try to zero out it's H P & B on frame zero, it just collapses flat and doesn't go into a good T pose as the instructions suggest it should (I have only done that OK on the 2 files I mentioned)
Also, in attempting to use the retarget on an .fbx file that I made in iPisoft, the Target and Source names for the bones are already exactly the same and so there is no way for me to add a prefix as per instructions to complete the retargeting process (keep getting that 'NOT ready for retargeting" window).

I am beginning to feel really stupid, so would be grateful for any wisdom as I am trying to use it for an urgent project and it is the only broken link that is holding me up.


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I am just going to post a quick reply to my own thread. Not sure if that is the right way to do things on the forum?...
It may be of interst to anyone trying to learn to use Nevronmotion like me, to see if I have managed to learn anything new.
The short answer is no, not much.

I have sorted out a stop-gap solution for the moment by importing my Genoma rigged model within an .fbx scene file into iPisoft Studio where it can be made to follow my motion capture, then I export it as an .fbx and bring it into Lightwave.
So, I still can't get Nevromotion to do any of the things I want it for, like doing secondary animation on top of my mocap files, but I have a rough workaround for my urgent need and hope to resolve my problems eventually.
Looks like I may only end up using Nevronmotion for a bit of Kinect face capture unless I get a brain transplant. I am grateful that it made me get a Kinect, and that I found my way to iPisoft which is a stunning tool.

I can only hope that there will be some new push for Nevronmotion to have better docs and details available as soon as possible. Perhaps to be ready for the Kinect 2 that is coming?
People like me could certainly use a bit more specific detail, rather than well intentioned suggestions that the process is now very simple. I never thought it would be simple but I didn't expect there to be so little official manual background to help. That just makes you feel thick.
I shall now return to my revised and slightly thwarted project.
Best to all,
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