Problem with the NDI HX Camera Android app


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Hi I'm having a problem with my NDI HX Camera android app.

It has a black screen, however, I already gave permission to the camera and nothing.

I'm uploading the photos from my device and I canceled and installed it again

but my first refund hasn't arrived yet and I had to pay again.

thank you for your attention



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A couple of thoughts:

1) I'm going to move this thread into a sub-forum where it may draw more relevant attention by readers/

2) While other members may have some ideas and comment here, since this is a pretty recent release it might be helpful for you to file a bug report. The method described in the post linked below should work for you.


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I'm seeing a different problem - video in the app, but no video in Studio Monitor.

Is the app sending when the NDI icon is blue, or when it's white? Totally non-obvious!


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Blue is active video.
Thanks, Kane. Bizarrely (having changed absolutely nothing on PC, network or Phone) it's now working for me.

Received video is very choppy, though. Every couple of seconds everything freezes for a fraction of a second, then resumes. Probably best if I file a bug report?

You can see the network bandwidth dropping to near-zero during these dropouts here. Wifi is good and strong.
Screenshot 2020-12-22 225104.jpg


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If you have it working, it much more likely it is the performance of your wireless network. Are there many devices on the access point? Many WiFi access points can only talk with a single device at a time, if there are many devices you can see this kind of performance.

I see the network interface is virtual in your picture above, how does it work on a non-virtualized system? Is the system connected to the network by wired or WiFi?


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I have a similar problem. Once running NDI HX Camera App, Studio monitor did not receive any signal from my Samsung Galaxy J7 (Android 8.0)

Is there a fix or workaround?

  • My router/switcher, is properly configured to allow port 5960
  • NDI Tools updated to the last version
  • Antivirus firewall deactivated

With Sienna NDI Cam, there is no problem. (From 2 Ipads)
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