Problem with keyboard short cuts

Jim Davis

Newtek Elite Reseller
I wrote a script for a customer which worked fine in VT4 it dose not work in VT5 any ideas ? Did some of these keyboard shourt cuts become diaabled in VT5

// Script to use to select CG1,2,3
// Jim Davis

CreateShortCut (" Alt Shift ," code( SetDSKByName(CG) ) , "OrderedFocus", KbdPriorityHigh)

CreateShortCut ("Alt Shift ." code( SetDSKByName(CG2 ) ) , "OrderedFocus", KbdPriorityHigh)

CreateShortCut ("Alt Shift /" code( SetDSKByName(CG3 ) ) , "OrderedFocus", KbdPriorityHigh)


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Hey Jim,

I tried your code and it works fine here on VT[5]. All three sources switched correctly in the DSK.

Did you get it working okay?

I have the file in the "C:\Program Files\NewTek\VT5\Skins\TabbedSwitcher\User Scripts" folder and I called it "CG.ToasterScript" if that helps at all.

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