Problem when using ndi sdk in ffmpeg4.1


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I encounter a problem when I use ndi sdk in ffmpeg4.1 to redirect ndi stream. The system is debian and avahi-deamon is running. The ndi-config.v1.json is : {"ndi":{"tcp":{"recv":{"enable":true}},"networks":{"ips":"","discovery":""},"groups":{"recv":"\"public\"","send":"\"public\""},"multicast":{"send":{"enable":true,"netprefix":"","netmask":""}},"unicast":{"recv":{"enable":true}}}}
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FFmpeg initialize the ndi sdk and write the frame successfully and the process also listen the port 5960 and 5961。
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屏幕快照 2021-03-19 上午11.10.27.png

But the ndi result stream cannot be found. I use tcpdump to capture the packet and see nothing.
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FFmpeg can find and pull ndi stream, but the ndi stream published by FFmpeg cannot be found. Did I miss something? Thanks for help

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