Problem configuring TC460 for YouTube streaming

John Freedom

New member
  • I trying to set up a YouTube stream connection using the gear setting on the stream button on TC460
  • Used the dialog window to log in to YouTube = success. (It went through the NewTek pass-through portal)
  • Dialog box confirms logged in. I can see my YouTube events

    I see this message for every event:
    The YouTube event requires configuration. Click "Manage Events" to edit your event.
  • I click Manage Events and re-log in to YouTube = success.
  • But window on Internet Explorer after logging in to YouTube Creator Studio is totally blank.
  • I can't see anything. I can't change change anything and on the browser or the dialog box on the TC460
Am I missing something??


It's been a while, open up youtube on another machine. Setup a youtube live there.
Make a 'new connection/custom' on the Tricaster and add the info from Youtube to that.
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