Preset Object and Image loader in Layout


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A total noob her. I am trying to do an object and image preset loader within layout in windows7.
I do not know anything about coding, but with the help of LS commander i have a little script that load a object with LoadObject and load a image with LoadClip command. It works, but i want not to load but to copy first those files to the current content directory and then load them.
Any ideas? please help.


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I'm not sure if lscript gives you commands on the OS to do that.

Python would be the better option for this.


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and what about load the object and image from the absolute path and then save them in the content directory relative path?


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Ok. It works. Not the best approach i think, but...
1 -load the object with LoadObject and absolute path
2 -save the object with SaveObject and content relative path
3 -Remove the loaded object with ClearSelected
4 -Now Load the content relative path object with LoadObject and content relative path

This for the object side. For the image one, i can load it with loadimage, but i don´t know how to save it to the content relative path


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It's __much__ more efficient to do this in Python.

It may not seem like much with test objects, but when a user has large objects that take many seconds (to minutes) to load/save, the needless save-then-reload operations will add a LOT of extra time overall.
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