pre-sale questions: using 3dA w/Vegas


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Hi - 3dA looks interesting, I have a couple of questions:

a) how well does it work with Sony Vegas, the NLE? any issues/problems?

b) I don't like the idea of having to work with hundreds of .tga files, can I simply import/export movs or avis w/embedded alpha channel?

c) will this work with serious magic/adobe Ultra ok?

d) I'd like to see more previews than what's on the limited demo video, is there a downloadable trial program version coming soon? or at least a full set of screenshots showing what we get in the 3D Arsenal program?


Don Ballance

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Thanks for the interest.
It works fine with Vegas.
We can render avi with alpha no problem.
You can use Ultra to do the keys and import the keyed footage into LightWave for use in Arsenal.

We will be posting a previews section on the web soon. This will be a short movie on each catagory expaining what to expect and showing several stills of scenes from that catagory.


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Thanks, Don - looking forward to seeing the new previews. Thanks for the gallery page, that's exactly what I was looking for, w/.wmv preview clips. And good to hear it re it plays well w/ultra and vegas.

What's keeping me from buying now:
I tried installing the Lightwave 9.2 demo but it's locking up, even after
I entered the license key etc and disabled hub.exe .. so I'm reluctant
to buy 3dA unless I can get some version of your demo software running
on my machine... any ideas? (details in the lightwave support thread)...

And, will you have some kind of demo version of this available? (eg you can watermark output videos etc, main thing is we need to know it'll work on our pcs w/o the hub.exe -0 etc misc. hassles, or in my case, I can't even get it to load up)...

I have a new e6660 dualcore 4 gigs ram winxp machine w/dual ati radeon x1950 pro cards etc, a high end machine...

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Don Ballance

Director of Training
I have alerted tech support to your issues with LW 9.2 demo and they should get back to you asap.

We don't currently have a trial version of 3D Arsenal as it is primarily content and we cannot time it out.

Let us help you with your issue and then once you get LW 9.2 running, I can send you some content to try out so you see how 3DA works.

Feel free to email me with any questions or problems.

3DA and LW9.2 are a great combo and I would like to show you that.



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Ammo Packs - Any new ones coming?

I have had great success with 3D Arsenal with Lightwave 7.5C. I have not used Lightwave besides with 3D Arsenal.

Don -- Any hints of what ammo packs will be coming? Timeframe when they will be released?



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Hi - I could get it to start when I renamed the license.key file, at least in "discovery" mode, so that's good to know, looks like it's just a license issue.

Don - could I get a sample of something, like one of the video walls, content, that I could try in LW 9.2 in discovery mode? Not sure that mode's restrictions are, but if I could at least get a good idea as to trying out the software, I'd appreciate it.

Let me know, thanks! I can pm you my email address..

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