Practical Production Techniques Vol. 2 now available!


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Hi everyone!
My second installment on Practical Production Techniques is now available.

You can find out more about what is in Volume 2 by visiting...

This is also your last chance to get in on a great deal.

Buy the new Liberty3d Stereoscopic Camera today and receive the UberCam Package Tomorrow all for just $25.00USD. When we release the package the price is going up.
This is your last chance to snap up this package for the price of one camera. The UberCam will have no less than 8 new cameras for LightWave 3D in it.
Also if you haven't checked out QuadPanels for LightWave Modeler, do it now! It's only 20.00!

We have even more videos and tools coming, so keep checking back with us and join us on our forums at!

Note* A portion of the sale of each Liberty3D StereoCamera Goes to help out Larry Shultz.
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