Best to start this thread to avoid distracting other threads with off topics.

So there was a thread about text issues I just happened to enter the topic of usin powergons, and that got a bit off topic with how you can use it.

Basic command lines for two usages of the powergons...

nyway, the two basic ones..

Add spotlights per polygon normal: AddSpotlight LGON\rPosition \c\rRotation \n\rUpdateMotion\r ParentItem \i\rCreateKey 0
Add Null per polygon normal: AddNull Null \rPosition \c\rRotation \n\r UpdateMotion\r ParentItem \i

Now, to be aware of, if you runt add spotlight on some polys, then run a new with another commandline like nulls, and save the object, it will maintain each added script to those polys, you have to use clear powergons if you want to start adding fresh commands.

But it´s as it should be, since you could set up a mesh with lights as well as nulls to use for particle emitters and such.
I did try with some particle emitters commands, it only worked on one selected poly though, when I tried on several polys it just freezes layout, so I am doing something wrong or something lightwave can´t handle with just powergons when it comes to add emmitters.

If you use nulls and activate particle emitters, it is important to know rotation values are not right out of the bat, but you can adress that by changing particles motion tab to world coordinates.

But it´s a nice way to use powergons to set up lights, and thrusters etc.

powergon ship.jpg

And if you want you can also create points in various ways in modeler, manual adding, copy and paste, using point generators, using L-systems or what have you.
convert to one point polys, run the second commandline as shown above to attach the layout script of creating nulls on to those points. ( though there already may be a free plugin for that)

Image below, since lw 2019 volumetrics still can´t recognize simple points and use that, this is one way but not en masse controllable as points, but you can set up some interesting point structures
and have them as nulls to individually control size per null volume, never mind the crappy cloud, it´s just there for showcase of the principles, no further tweaks to look that good has been made.

points powergons to nulls.jpg

Nulls to primitive volume.jpg
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