Poster Printout 8ft x 10ft


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This is going to be my first time printing a poster for a Trade show, the customer have a back pannel of 8ft x 10ft.
I will like to know what resolution should I pick for my rendering, in order to get the best print out using PhotoShop?


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I'd do it at 75dpi personally. Most printing bureaus/houses ask for an image at full rez, quarter size if a pdf (ie yours would be 2ft x 2.5ft @ 300dpi) as teh pdf comes out huge if done at full size, quarter rez (ie 8ft x 10ft @ 300dpi). I have absolutely no idea why but it does! But if you're just giving them a big image from Photoshop then stick to the full size, quarter rez method - that way at least it's the right size!

Your final image dimension would be 7,200 x 9,000.

Still pretty big ;) You can always use the Photoshop plugin Genuine Fractals to get some resolution out of a smaller image - I tend to use this for projects this large, saves loads of rendering time and you can easily get an image up by 200%, so only have to render an image of 3,600 x 4,500 in your case :)



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I finally did it with a custome resolution for the camara at 4000x3000, it took 1h40m to render but it worked out ok, the PSD file is just 48MB, and I was able to change the resolution to 150DPI and get a final poster of 90inx67in, the customer is just happy, by the end of the day that's all what matter.
I will search for the "Genuine Fractal Plugin" just for future options.
Thanks a lot for your help,:thumbsup:
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