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Has anyone used Polygon Cruncher?

It sounds handy, not just for polygon reduction, but for format conversion too. But the description on the site seems distinctly vague to me, (E.g. not mentioning LW versions supported).

I could use a stand alone polygon reducer as I seem to be working with ever larger terrains and scanned objects. And if they are too big to load into LW, then I can't reduce the poly count in Lightwave. Recommendations for other polygon reduction methods are also very welcome.



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But the description on the site seems distinctly vague to me, (E.g. not mentioning LW versions supported).
I haven't used it , but with regards to LW versions supported, it's shows on the "Configuration requirements" page of their website......

Versions available
  • Polygon Cruncher for Lightwave 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 2015, 2018 (64 bits) and more / Inspire 3D


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There is a free trial to test it yourself.

I do not use the polygon cruncher but I do have the 3D browser, which supports LWO3.

Mootools has been a good friend to LightWave, being one of the first outside developers to support LWO3. They've been a member of this forum for many years.


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AccuTrans 3D version 2020.0 reads geometry from LWO3 files. As nodes are not read, UV coordinates and material properties are not applied to the meshes.

AccuTrans does not write LWO3 files.
Are either of those features that might be added in time? Or is such LWO3 support not merited given LW market?

Also, is the lack of node support due to inadequate format specification by Newtek/VizRT, or something else? I noticed there appear to be some gaping holes in the LWO3 spec w.r.t. surfacing, but would be very interested in your perspective on it.
Working on LWO3 is NOT merited due to the current LW Market.

Reading and writing the 3D meshes is identical for both LWO2 and LWO3. The only difference is the version number written to the file. A beta version of AccuTrans is writing basic geometry to LWO3 files now.

To support reading and writing UV coordinates requires the ability to read and write nodes.

Newtek/VizRT has supplied inadequate format specifications for nodes. Work on basic nodes has been partly done and it's a reverse engineering job. There will be no support for nodes made by third parties.

I probably won't return to working on LWO3 files until late this year.

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