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Using Inspire. Dave Jerrard had/has a tutorial on modelling a tree.

To create the leaves, he places points in the background layer using the RandPoints plugin. In the foreground layer, he creates a sphere then using PointsClonePlus, clones the sphere according to the points in the background.

When I use PointsClonePlus (default settings), I get an error message then Inspire closes.

When I troubleshoot, I can create a few (10 or less) points using the points tool then apply PCP and it works (but only some of the time). So, I know it's not completely dead :)

Any more points and it's hit and miss. But only when I create them myself. Otherwise, no matter how few points I choose when using RandPoints and PCP, they don't mix so well; Inspire simply chokes and closes.

I ran into this when I first went through Dave's tutorial a year ago, but I did something that allowed it to work. Of course, I didn't write anything down to recall what I did to stop it from crashing...

Anyone have advice regarding this issue, please? I appreciate your time.



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how many points are in the object being cloned? You might just be running out of memory. Also there is a limit to the number of points you can have in a layer. I forget the number, but I think it's around 32,000. (I believe it's limited by the highest number that can be expressed by a 16 bit hexidecimal number)
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