points[] and polygons[] question


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Hi all,

I working through my first script (see thread http://vbulletin.newtek.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=915 ) and I'm scratching my head.

When you go into MeshData mode, the points[] and polygons[] arrays are created indexing all of the points and polys in a selection set. When you go out of MeshData mode, those arrays arrays are wiped out. My problem is...How do you exchange those arrays between Command Sequence and MeshData? My script will be working on points and polys based on a specific index. I am afraid that when I go in and out of MeshData, those arrays will be recreated everytime, screwing up my order. Do this make sense? Maybe I'm just missing the obvious, hehe.
assign them to another array:

pc = editbegin();
  pnts[i] = points[i];

i = 0;
  polys[++i] = x;


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Thanks faulknermano, sometimes the simple things just fly right over my head :)
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