Please VIDGET US Again !


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Is there any chance of releasing Vidget for WinXP ??? I know you've stoped its development but since i've seen so many people asking for it and since i've search everywhere for other tool that offers the simplicity and powerfulness of Vidget without any luck, i thought that maybe it cool be a chance of you guys making it work by now.

It there is no posible way of this happened how about releasing it OpenSource so others can fix it ?

Perhaps a dream, but I can't lose hope.



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I think the MPEG-2 section would need to be removed before source code could be shared. Possibly the MPEG-1 parts too.

The thinking is right though. Dropping and combining individual frames and video-clips is still a good feature. Batch conversion would be a nice to have. Building Anim-GIF and Anim-JPG would be a nice to have.

However, for me, an update of the RTV codec to support 486 line and all the more recent VT[4] ver 4.5 stuff would be similarly favourable. The new NewTek 4:2:2 I-frame compression codec would also be a nice standalone package.

Perhaps re-introduce Vidget[4] on this basis and have an upgrade plan for those standalone digital video workstations (and I guess LW owners too) who had the original Vidget1.02 licenses.

Perhaps the impending need to manipulate Main Profile at High Level HD and HDV streams with any future HD product that NewTek brings will encourage a revival of Vidget. I'd suggest that the SDK that NewTek use for the MPEG-2 part is re-selected to be world class/state-of-the-art in terms of speed and quality [with both interlaced and progressive sources].

These are the wishes of an owner of two vidget licenses who has no means to even enable the use of the tool now that support is lacking. Let alone get it working on XP!

RTV and the NewTek-4:2:2/tricaster codec are two good reasons to redo Vidget for use outside of a desktop devoid of NewTek/Bauhaus cards/dongles.

Frames2Video and Video2Frames is another reason to return the tool. It was good for that (but needed a batch mode, like Irfanview, Sonic Foundry Batch Converter 5 etc). Not just the contextual menu (which broke when Microsoft changed the registry hooks - with care I'm sure you could get Vidget working on XP today with no access to the source - but who would relicense the key mechanism now that this product is off the development track?).
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