please delete all beveling plugin from modeler, are a waste of time...


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And replace it with only one working bevel...
it's too difficult to rebuild from scratch a single plugin?
that work with point, edge, polygon, with all option of
- bevel
- chamfer
- rounder
- multishift
- thicken
- extender plus
- magic bevel
- edge bevel
- extender
- rail bevel
- router

and so on?
this a collection of last 20 years of lw plugin in the interface, every one work only in certain situation and most of time gime me error on polygon planarity, point welding crossing
someone work on poly but not on point, someone on edge and point...
guys is possible that you cannot hire a developer to develop a SINGLE plugin to do all?
we have tons of plugins but often i need to move to obj to other software for a simple bevelling...

it's LightWave history :)

one thing that is nice in this regard is shortcuts,

press B for Bevel
press C for Chamfer
press R for Rounder
and so on...

however, yep, many duplicated tools,
how do other apps go about it ?
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I know in the version of Modo I've used, rounder's functionality is in the bevel tool, along with chamfer & rounder.

In Rhino 3D, bevel, chamfer, fillet are all seperate tools.

Morgan Nilsson

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Streamline them all into one much more powerful multipurpose tool. Same with transform tools, scale tools, rotate tools, divide tools etc etc

LightWavers = never sensitive

btw, bevel automation processes should be added, something like HardOps
here, a LW test >

another thing is animation.

Rounding amount should be possible to animate / non-destruct
Thickening amount should be possible to animate / non-destruct

both in Modeler / Layout

once again, the Modeler / Layout split shows its shortcomings.
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