PIPELINE-Lightwave and Designsparks mechanical.


And final remeshing for tonight, (today early morning here)
I couldn´t do this alone in blender, and not alone in lightwave either..needed both here, at least until I have checked meshmixer, instant meshes etc for remeshing.

The steps necessary...

  1. Designsparks save out to VDB​
  2. Import to Lightwave layout with vdb evaluator on to a null.​
  3. Set a proper iso surface, save transformed object.​
  4. Open in Lightwave modeler, OD copy and paste to blender.​
  5. Use blenders remesher in vertex panel(quadraflow), not the modifier remesher..it lacks fix poles and maintain volume.​
  6. Remesh with voxel, and not the quadra mode.​
  7. Do another remesh, this time with quadra mode, and set it to use edge length in mode.​
  8. Still a bit rough, add the smooth modifier and a lot of repeats.​

That´s it.

voxelize quad edge length.jpg

Send back to lightwave if needed in there for continued modeling or rendering, or continue in blender..whatever is best for you.
The big question is where the curve tools and blending of those is easier and more advanced, and to what accuracy and re-usability you would have for designsparks, rather than designing it in Lightwave or blender that is, with it´s curve tools and subpatch modeling tools.
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How does the OD copy stuff work? I've added the plugins to LW but don't know how to use them.
Not by just copy and paste, in lightwave you should add od copy and paste in to a tab menu, and click on those buttons, when that is done, the object is in the clip board, and switch to blender for instance, and go to object menu, almost in the end there..you will find copy and paste from external, if you have copied from lightwave you should choose paste from external, and the other way around if you choose copy to external in blender with a model, in lightwave you choose paste frome external.

but this is only for Lw and blender, and houdini I think, not available for designsparks.

Mark Warner made a vid 2 months ago about this..

If you want lightwave curves to blender, you can´t use OD, unless converting it in there, you should use akiras lwo 2015 importer for blender, and make sure to save out lwo curves to 2015 lwo 2 format, that will allow you to get lightwave splines in blender as editable curves with shape depth options in blender, so that is nice, those curves with shape forms are animatable and can be edited at any time, until you "freeze them" and convert as a mesh, and it´s only then you can edit those curve shapes actual mesh.
using such blender curves could come in handy when you want to make ropes, or other pipeforms and convert to mesh, and od copy and paste to Lightwave, but then again, there are tools for that in Lightwave as well, though these curves gives you radius controls per handle, px bezier only gives end control scaling or general tube scaling, px curve though..I think can do that.
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Tim Parsons

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Thanks! That was very helpful, now I just need to figure out how to get the plugins into Blender. I saved them to an "Add-On" folder but I don't know what to do after that. :) I tried "installing" them and that didn't seem to get them into Blender. :)


Thanks! That was very helpful, now I just need to figure out how to get the plugins into Blender. I saved them to an "Add-On" folder but I don't know what to do after that. :) I tried "installing" them and that didn't seem to get them into Blender. :)

I also have a blender content folder, where I have an "add-on" folder like you.
You don´t have to unzip the files, just install from file from preferences/addons...make sure to locate it and check to be active, often they are installed but not activated.

I do actually prefer how things are installed in Lightwave, blenders ways are messy for my taste with addons, and sometimes you have to check categories as community, testing and all for them to show up properly.

Here´s a screenshot to help out, note that if you search for OD, it will not be found, cause it´s not named like that, it´s just copy to external and paste from external and you have to search the addons in the community tab inside the addons preferences, or else it won´t show up.
And they come in two´s for blender, whil I think it´s only on for lightwave, not sure there.

So the search string "cop", will find the copy and paste once installed from zip file, or if installed from python directly perhaps, and same with paste, make sure they are checked and save preferences.
you can also see there where in the interface they are located...
so you probably didn´t find them due to this messy way of searching for them, and make sure you have that little white box checked as active.

You could also add copy and paste, and paste to external to quick favourites, so all you have to do when you have copied from lightwave is to hit q and select the right option there, a bit faster perhaps than going to object and scroll down the whole list.

And in lightwave I have it mapped to ctrl-shift right button, together with all my other actions I use most.
We have gone a bit off topic, but since I am here to help out, and this is all handy for both getting blender models, sculpt to lightwave, or the opposite..perhaps a bit forgiving on that, or we have to move to the 1001 ways to use lightwave and blender.

The best is of course if we stay with lightwave, and blender and not discard any of them, then we have all the options there, which is a better alternative than those only
using one.

settings addons.jpg
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