Pinning Dominoes...problems

Paul Brunson

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I cloned a couple hundred dominoes into a spiral in modeler. The ran a bullet calculation of the dominoes falling over in layout. The dominoes are a parts body. So one object file with a bunch of positioned dominoes. I kept the first domino out as a separate layer so I could animate it tipping over and starting the reaction.

Everything is great except the dominoes continue to very slowly creep around after falling. Perfect! I though, I just got a free copy of chronosculpt from Newtek, I'll fix it. The trouble I'm running into is pinning them. I can't seem to select some of the dominoes, pin them at a certain point in time. Then select more at a different time and pin them. It seems I have to wait tell all the dominoes have fallen and then pin. Trouble is that leaves the first dominoes creeping around for too long.

Maybe I'm mis-understanding the tools. But pinning seems to be a one time use tool in the timeline. Either the parts are pinned at a certain time or they aren't. You can add to or take away from what is pinned. And you can move the point in time the pinning occurs. But you're stuck with only one pinning clip on the timeline, it seems there is no option to pin one selection at one time and another selection at a different time.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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I had something similar to this and found that using cloned items/individual objects rather than parts caused the objects to come to rest much better. I'd re-do it using Instances on a Spline to draw out your path and then convert instances to objects. I did a walk through here:

Paul Brunson

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Thanks Mark, I'll have to give that a try. It would be nice to get a clean solution from the start and not even need to clean it up in Chronosulpt.

In the meantime, for anyone that finds this, I did find a way to create multiple pinning clips in Chronosculpt. Its seems you have to:

1) move to a different place on the timeline
2) select a different not pin (red) clip, like the cache data 9blue) clip.
3) Then paint some more pins, being careful not to select anything that is already pinned in other clips.

That will force chronosculpt to create a new pin (red) clip. I was able to do a bunch of pins at different time that way.
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