picture viewer with full metadata and autosave


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Sometimes (often) when we test render, could be useful to keep all renders, add to them name, keep info (metadata) of that render to avoid to waste time to save everytimes on hard disk manually, and load again.
actually picture viewer save in memory only actual render, and if i close by my error, i lose all.
my suggestion is to do like other software (no name) that save on temporary folder in a disk all render, keep all metadata of render, allow you to edit name of render, and (more important) you can grab and apply that render settings from picture to software.

what i ask PV save pictures (32bit format) on disk with all infos in metadata, also all quality render settings and alternative custom name, and picture viewer is a file viewer read from HD, when you close or reopen picture viewer it read from that folder and you have a list of picture, choose and see or "use" it.

when you decide you can select and delete picture/pictures from disk, and when lw close itself delete the content of that temp folder.
if you want to recover render settings of picture, right click and load from picture's metadata all infos...

everytimes you need to do a render test, this kind of approach allow you to save tons of times.
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