Periodic Freezing


We have a managed switch with Multicast and IGMP Snooping. Every once in a while we see the main image freeze on the tricaster from the NDIHX-PTZ1, it lasts a second or two and then recovers. We have had the spark devices just flat out freeze and never recover. I have resorted to plugging the PTZ1 infor the TC1 by SDI.

I am pretty positive this is internal network issues, but I have a TPLink T2600-28TS with the following NDI Sources.

2x Spark (HDMI)
2x Computers running Scan Converter.



Sounds like a possible issue with flow control. Typically flow control is disabled by enabling this it helps regulate traffic flows to avoid dropping frames during periods of congestion. Check your settings on the switch and enable this and start bringing in sources individually and see if you have any further issues.


NewTek SE
Is mutlicast required for your workflow? This can be more tricky than using unicast. Unless you have lots of people that are going to be watching the output of these devices at the same time, I'd go unicast.
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