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I am running a very sluggish 3d movie that has roughly 40 rooms - of which only 3 - 5 are being rendered at any one time ; I have fps set at 12 but it runs less than that;

I have yon set at the minimum distance that I am comfortable with;

I would say that at any one time there are no more than 5-6000 polygons being rendered with no textures being used at all;

I use removefromworld() to remove the rooms that are unneeded and when they I use addtoworld() to add rooms when they are needed; thus there are usually 35 rooms that are in "removed" status;

I have one main enterframe handler that checks a small set of conditions to determine what needs to be done such as moving a character, removing/adding a room, open/close a door, setting character elevation, etc;

PROBLEM: to find my performance bottleneck(s);

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